Getting to know Thierry

Thierry Tchenko is a first-generation Texan, organizer, former local government official, and most recently a nonprofit executive at one of Texas’s largest non-profit organizations providing home repairs to seniors, veterans, and low-income families in need. He has devoted his life to serving working families and everyday people.

Thierry was born in the southwest Houston neighborhood of Sharpstown. He is the product of two immigrants who left their home country of Cameroon and moved to Texas with the hope of living the American Dream. At times, his parents worked multiple jobs in harsh conditions but it was all to give Thierry the best chance at success. The sacrifices of his parents allowed Thierry to tap into that American Dream.

He was selected to serve as the introducer to Wendy Davis during her Get Out The Vote rally in Fort Worth.

Thierry’s passion for public service began when he was a precinct captain for then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign during the Texas primary in February 2008. During the general election, he was invited to Charlottesville, Virginia during the summer of 2008 to help register voters, canvass, and make calls. He was tasked with canvassing in some rural parts of the state and during one of those days, he had a voter let out their dogs to attack him. Not deterred, he kept showing up and helping voters. This is who Thierry is. Never backing down from a challenge.

Thierry received his Bachelors Degree from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. While attending McMurry University, he took a year off school to work on Wendy Davis’s Gubernatorial campaign. He was a field organizer in Houston where he oversaw 37 precincts including the historic Acres Home neighborhood. Thierry’s focus was to build relationships with those in the community and ensure that they understood the urgency to get out to vote.

After his 4 years in Abilene at McMurry University, Thierry moved to Washington, DC and received his Masters Degree from Georgetown University. During his time in DC, Thierry was a fellow in the White House Office of Management and Budget, held several roles in DC Government and worked on President Biden's 2020 campaign. Thierry remained connected to his home state through his membership with the Texas State Society.

Thierry with President Biden and Dr. Biden during the 2020 South Carolina Democratic Primary

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Thierry is a lifelong public servant having spent time in local and federal government as well as the non-profit sector.

Throughout his time in local government, he made sure underrepresented populations were able to access the resources needed to reach their full potential. As a non-profit executive at Rebuilding Together Houston, he helped support and provide Houston's most vulnerable populations with much needed home repairs. These home repairs for seniors, veterans, and low-income families helped ensure that the homeowners had a place to call home for many generations to come especially as home ownership is the main route for working families to build wealth. All these experiences have given Thierry a front row seat into the challenges everyday Texans face and he has made it his personal mission to better the lives of working families and individuals.

Thierry speaking about Rebuilding Together Houston

Thierry and his wife Gloria Martinez-Tchenko call Houston, Texas home. The Tchenkos are members of Crossover Bible Fellowship in Northwest Houston.

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